How to Improve Your Golf Game?

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You use your putter more than 30 times in every round of golf, so it's essential that it suits you well.

When we aim to improve our golf game, we often focus on significant changes like joining a club, increasing professional coaching or upgrading our golf clubs to better suit our needs. These can all contribute to lowering your golf scores. Additionally, one valuable medium-sized investment is enrolling in Benoni Country Club, giving you more opportunities to practice more with pros. However, it's worth noting that you can make gradual enhancements to your game without investing a significant amount of money or time. Here are a few improvements you can start working on right away.

  1. Consider The Fit of Your Putter: You use your putter more than 30 times in every round of golf, so it's essential that it suits you well. Surprisingly, your putter might be the least well-fitted club in your bag. According to a study that was analyzed on 100 people, two-thirds of them didn't conform to the standard putter length of 35 inches. Additionally, 28 percent of golfers required putters either longer than 35 inches or shorter than 34 inches, indicating that there are many poorly fitted putters out there. This isn't ideal when you're aiming to sink a golf ball into a hole that's only 4.25 inches in diameter, even though the rule now allows you to leave the flagstick in.
  2. Hold your Pose After Every Shot: Whether it's a putt, a chip, a bunker shot, or a drive, your objective should always be to conclude your swing in a strong finishing position. Why, you ask? Because it indicates that your swing was most likely well-synchronized, possessed good rhythm, and maintained the correct speed through impact. By emphasizing a solid finish position while playing at Centurion Country Club, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the significant improvement in your ability to strike the ball effectively.
  3. Practice With Your Worst Ball: If you want to enhance your overall golf game and fortify your mental resilience, give the Worse Ball drill a shot. Professional players believe there's no better method to become skilled at playing golf in challenging situations. The drill is straightforward: starting from the tee, hit two balls from each position, but play only the one that yields the worst result until you've completed the hole. While practicing at Benoni Country Club, it's crucial to maintain your pre-shot routine and focus on every shot. 

The lasting benefit, however, lies in toughening yourself against adversity and enhancing your capability to handle challenging shots.

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