Safety Leadership: Fostering a Culture of Safety in Qatari Organizations

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Apositive work environment is a space in which safety among other aspects has paramount importance. An employer who values the life and health of the employees, no matter what, will make sure that the workspace follows stringent safety measures and guidelines. Such an employer will also be elevating the morale of the employees. Thus concern for safety in effect brings loyalty from employees. While employee loyalty is a byproduct of such measures, it should not be the driving force for fostering a work culture of safety. When we speak about safety a relevant term that appears to have been ignored by many seems to be safety leadership. In a mission to foster a culture of safety in Qatari organizations one quality that has to be nurtured in employees is safety leadership. A safety leader doesn’t need to be a person with extreme technical know-how regarding safety protocols. Anyone can become a safety leader with some basic qualities.

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