Honkai: Star Rail - Hanu's Adventure Page Guide

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The article "Honkai: Star Rail - Hanu's Adventure Page Locations (Part 1 & Part 2)" introduces Hanu's Adventure, a limited edition collection that allows players to immerse themselves in the narrative of Hanu's miniaturization and heroic quests in Dreamvil


Hanu's Adventure: Miniaturization and Heroic Quests

Hanu, a character resembling a gremlin, made his debut in the release of the Penacony World update for "Honkai: Star Rail." Beyond his cartoon persona's reputation for bravery, Hanu is actually inspired by a historical figure pivotal in the founding of Penacony. Renowned as a military leader and security officer, he commanded armies and was celebrated as a formidable warrior.

In the contemporary realm of Penacony, players have the opportunity to embody Hanu's cartoon form, utilizing a diverse range of skills to tackle puzzles and unearth chests. Among these chests, players can discover the exclusive "Hanu's Adventure Pages," a limited edition collection crafted by Clockie Studios. These pages recount the story of Hanu's miniaturization and heroic endeavors in Dreamville. Presently, the collection comprises two parts, each containing four chapters. For avid "Honkai: Star Rail" enthusiasts seeking to delve deeper into this lore, these pages offer an unparalleled avenue to immerse themselves in Hanu's narrative.


Players who have ventured through the Golden Hour in Penacony may have already encountered a valuable chest that is tied to a quest. If not, they can make their way to Hanu's Adventure located on Dreammerse Shopping Street and transform into Hanu's mini-self.

Upon entering through the small door on the left, they will discover a new area. After navigating through the corridor and passing through the books, they will come across another transformation device on their right. They must transform back into their normal self and then break the balloon in front of them. Upon transforming back into Hanu, they should proceed through the new opening and utilize the teleporter on the left. Upon reaching the floor again, they should turn around to find another teleporter on the left, which will transport them above a shelf where a valuable chest awaits.

To claim the chest, players must complete Hanu's adventure in Sweet Corner within Golden Hour. The challenge is relatively straightforward. They should teleport to the Sweet Corner space anchor and then turn around to ascend the stairs. Crossing the road will lead them to Hanu's adventure on the other side.Upon arrival, assume the form of Hanu and proceed through the small door. To your right, you will find another transformation device. Return to your normal self and examine the dream jigsaw puzzle ahead. Ascend the stairs in your human form to obtain the first puzzle piece. Before doing so, ensure to pop the balloon in front of the puzzle.

Revert back to Hanu, pass through the gap, and utilize the teleporter to ascend the shelf. At the end, you will locate the jigsaw piece. Retrieve it and return to complete the puzzle.

Venture to Hanu’s adventure 'east' of Dreamweaver Plaza at Dream’s Edge. Exercise speed and caution, as the enemy may easily detect you.

Transform into Hanu and approach the teleporter ahead. Seek refuge under the vents and avoid detection by the nearby enemy.

Upon teleportation, monitor the movements of the enemy. Proceed left and swiftly dash past the boxes to reach the next teleporter. If there is a risk of detection, conceal yourself within one of the boxes and wait for a clear path.

Teleport downwards and take cover behind the box in front of you. Wait for the enemy to turn away before dashing across to the teleporter beneath the vent. This will transport you upwards towards the coveted chest.


Hanu's Adventure Guide

To find Hanu's Adventure in Honkai: Star Rail, players should teleport to the VIP lounge corridor in the Reverie (Dreamscape). From there, they need to head downstairs to the Hanu transformation device. Upon transformation, they should turn around and head left, passing the staircase and proceeding towards the bookshelf on the left.

It's important to stay vigilant as there are numerous enemies in this area. Players should avoid detection as they make their way through the bookshelf, where they will find a precious chest waiting to be claimed.


Inside the reverie (dreamscape), the final chapter of the Hanu adventure can be located in the 3D room. Upon entering, proceed down the stairs and turn left to discover the transformation device.

To progress, transform into Hanu and move past the stairs to reach the teleporter, which will transport you to the lower level. Utilize the teleporter on the opposite side of the shelf to descend to the floor, and then revert to your normal self.

After popping the balloon to your right, transform back into Hanu and utilize the teleporter in front of you to ascend. Push one of the vases onto the enemy below before teleporting back down.

Subsequently, navigate through the new opening ahead. Take cover under the shelf and swiftly make your way to the box in front of you. Conceal within the box momentarily and wait for the enemy to depart before proceeding to the teleporter in front, which will transport you to the precious chest and the final chapter in the series.

Players will attain the "Achievement Walk with Wolves" upon successfully completing this collection.


Adventure Chapter: Clockie Studios Discovery

To access the first chapter of the adventure, players should begin by completing the dream jigsaw puzzle in the Clockie Studios theme park, located near the Hanu Gang Base Space Anchor. Upon investigation of the painting, the puzzle pieces will scatter, leading to the discovery of the Hanu transformation device downstairs.

  • The first dream jigsaw piece is located adjacent to the transformation device.
  • To find the second piece, players should turn around and head left to locate it underneath a shelf behind a rocket launcher.
  • The third piece can be reached by heading through a gap and then returning to defeat an enemy using the rocket launcher. Players should remember to collect the ammo and then proceed to pick up the third piece.
  • After returning through the same gap, players can head right towards an enemy and either defeat it with the rocket launcher or sneak past it to reach the first transformation used. Upon returning to their normal self, players should complete the puzzle to unlock a precious chest.

To proceed further, players should head to the 3D room located to the west of the map. This area can be accessed by teleporting to the Dreammaster Hall Space Anchor and ascending the stairs.

  • Upon reaching the 3D room, players should head left to acquire the first bubble charge and then proceed to the bubble bridge located on the far right of the room. It's important to note that this space becomes accessible after completing the recent Trailblaze mission.After arriving on the new floor, head towards the far right to reach the next bubble bridge.

Locate the Hanu transformation device and use it to reach the teleporter on the opposite side. Proceed straight, then take two left turns to find the teleporter after passing an enemy.

Upon using the teleporter, you'll come across a rocket launcher which is essential to pick up. Utilize the rocket launcher to eliminate the surrounding enemies. Ensure to collect the dropped ammo to replenish your ammunition. The precious chest can be found towards the left side of the floor area.


Unlocking Dewlight Pavilion's Secrets

Teleport to Dewlight Pavilion and head towards the 3D room east on the map. Speak to Burton in front of the room to fully unlock it.

Head downstairs and use the bubble charge on your left. Then, head right towards the switch to fix the bridge.

Proceed through and use the bubble charge on the first bubble bridge you encounter. Take a sharp left to find the next bubble charge. Use it on the bubble bridge in front of you and head towards the Hanu transformation device.

Before passing through the small gap, pick up the rocket launcher and eliminate all enemies to open the chest. Each enemy drops ammo, so be quick to pick up the ammo and shoot the next enemy before they notice you. Once done, claim the precious chest at the end.

The final chapter is located at Clockie Studios Theme Park. Teleport to the Hamster Ball Park Space Anchor, then head straight and down the stairs towards your right to find the Hanu transformation device.

After transforming, enter the new room through the small door. You'll find another transformation device to your right, which you will need to return to your normal self and break the balloon to your left.

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