Chapter 13 Honkai: Star Rail Sticker Guide

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The latest chapter 13 of Honkai: Star Rail introduces illustrated sticker locations for "Nobody's In the Big Dream," essential for progressing through dreamy landscapes and unlocking rewards. By following the stickers, players can navigate with ease and uncover new elemen

Discovering Sticker Locations in Big Dream

In the latest chapter 13 of Honkai: Star Rail, players can find the illustrated sticker locations for "Nobody's In the Big Dream" to enhance their gaming experience. These stickers are essential for players to progress through the dreamy landscapes and unlock new features and rewards.

Exploring the dreamscape pass in Chapter 13 is crucial for players to uncover hidden secrets and gain a deeper understanding of the game's storyline. By following the illustrated sticker locations, players can navigate through the dreamscapes with ease and discover new elements that add excitement to the gameplay.

To make the most of the dreamscape pass in Chapter 13, players should pay close attention to the sticker locations. These stickers serve as guides, helping players to uncover the mysteries and challenges that await them in the big dream. Mastering the dreamscape pass is key to progressing through the game and experiencing all that Honkai: Star Rail has to offer.










Upon reaching the location of Penacony in the game "Honkai: Star Rail," travelers are presented with a Dreamtour handbook. This handbook not only provides guidance on accessing the dreamland and its regulations but also acts as a hub for staying informed about the Planet of Festivities.

For gaming enthusiasts, the Dreamscape Pass holds significance as a repository for collectible stickers. These stickers can be obtained through various means such as completing quests, gathering floating books within the game world, or accomplishing miscellaneous tasks and achievements. In the 13th chapter of the Dreamscape Pass, titled "Nobody's in the Big Dream," there are a total of 12 stickers awaiting players to add to their collection. This guide will outline the methods to acquire each of these stickers.

In the Big Dream Dreamscape Pass in Honkai: Star Rail, there are a total of eight illustrated stickers and four note stickers available for the Nobodys. Out of these, two illustrated stickers are obtained by default, while the remaining five are located in Dewlight Pavilion (four in City Sandpit). Additionally, one illustrated sticker can be found in The Reverie (Dreamscape) within the game.

Illustrated Sticker| How to Obtain | Quest Location---|---|---

  1. Default | - | -
  2. Default | - | -
  3. Dewlight Pavilion | - | City Sandpit
  4. Dewlight Pavilion | - | City Sandpit
  5. Dewlight Pavilion | - | City Sandpit
  6. Dewlight Pavilion | - | City Sandpit
  7. Dewlight Pavilion | - | -
  8. The Reverie (Dreamscape) | - | -

In the urban sandpit, the entrance is readily accessible by default.

In the city of Sandpit, a dark force of evil looms over the streets and alleys. Unlocked by default, this sinister presence poses a threat to the inhabitants of the city. With its grip tightening, the residents must find a way to combat this malevolent energy before it's too late.

Explore the City Sandpit to uncover the secrets of its foundation.

Embark on a mission to locate and assist Mr. McCoy in the Clockwork: Mr. McCoy quest.

Located to the north of the Dreammaster Hall Space Anchor, you will find the Dewlight Pavilion. This serene location offers a tranquil escape within the Dreamscape Pass, providing a perfect spot for reflection and relaxation. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this ethereal setting and immerse yourself in the peaceful ambiance of the Dewlight Pavilion.

City Sandpit Exploration: Stickers and Missions

Discover the captivating city sandpit booth, where you can immerse yourself in a miniature model and uncover the intriguing sight of a giant pen resting on the ground.

In the City Sandpit, you can find the Dream Dreamscape Pass Sticker located to the north of the bubble pinball machine on the base platform.

Head to the City Sandpit in Soulglad and make your way to the base platform where you'll find a bubble pinball machine. Utilize the machine to access the elevated area for further exploration and discovery.

Next to the bubble pinball machine, you will find the City Sandpit pass sticker.

Explore the City Sandpit area in Honkai: Star Rail to find the Drunk "Little" Bird sticker.

To unlock the "Why is the Origami Bird so Huge?" achievement, locate and obtain the Drunk "Little" Bird sticker within the game.

Head to the City Sandpit and locate the bubble pinball machine on the elevated platform. Interact with the machine and then proceed to the nearby bubble pinball.

Explore the City Sandpit and discover its unique attractions.

Head to the elevated platform and try out the bubble pinball machine for an entertaining experience.

Venture to the further bubble pinball area for more excitement and fun.

Near the farthest bubble pinball machine in the City Sandpit, you can find the sticker location.

Explore the City Sandpit's building complex to locate the elusive Whisper and undertake the challenging Clockwork: Whisper mission.

In the Dreamscape Pass chapter of Honkai: Star Rail, you can find all four note stickers in the reception area of the Dewlight Pavilion. To obtain the "Conclusion of the 3rd Round of Inspection: Failed" sticker, you need to find Conna and change her mood to sad. This will lead you to the VIP Lounge Corridor Space Anchor in The Reverie (Dreamscape).

Located in the tranquil Dewlight Pavilion F2, you'll find the reception counter space anchor to the north.

The 8th round of inspection has concluded with a disappointing failure.

Your next task is to seek out Brina and uplift her mood to a state of happiness.

In the Dewlight Pavilion F2, head north of Conna and visit the reception desk.

The conclusion of the 11th round of inspection was a failure.

Your task is to locate Leo and change his mood to "sad".

Head to Dewlight Pavilion F2, located west of Brina, where you'll find a guard stationed at the door. Unfortunately, the 20th round of inspection concluded in failure.

Your next task is to locate Hendrick and deliberately provoke him to make him angry. This change in his mood is essential for the next phase of the operation.

Located at Dewlight Pavilion F2, head to the east of Leo to find the Pass Sticker right by the door.

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